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William Kerr’s Borders Gin

Scottish gin made with locally-grown malted barley and botanicals gathered from near and far

Kerr’s Borders Gin

William Kerr’s Borders Gin is 100% made in Scotland – juniper berries and botanicals gently steamed in the vapour of our own barley spirit.

Here at The Borders Distillery, we’re obsessed with quality – from barley to bottle. We only ever use locally-grown barley, all harvested from 11 farms lying within 20 miles of the distillery.

The distillery draws its water from an underground lake beneath the site. The lake’s water takes between 50 and 70 years to filter down from the hills through the rock. Even if it never rained again (unlikely in the Borders!) the lake contains enough pure water to last the distillery the next 185,000 years.

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William Kerr – the Plant Hunter

William Kerr was born in the Hawick in the Scottish Borders in 1779, and became a gardener at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew in London. In 1804 he was sent to Asia where he gained a reputation as an accomplished plant collector.

From his travels, Kerr sent back to Kew 238 plants new to European science, including the vigorous shrub named in his honour, the Kerria.

In 1812, he took an appointment in Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) as superintendent of the newly-founded botanical gardens. Sadly Kerr was to die in Colombo only two years after his arrival.

Kerr’s Borders Gin, made in his home town of Hawick, celebrates William Kerr’s sense of adventure and his passion for plants and nature.

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Our Carterhead Still

As an accomplished botanist, we think William Kerr would have quietly approved of our Carterhead Still – one of only a handful in operation.

Unlike regular gin stills, the Carterhead gently steams the botanicals rather than boiling them. This captures more of the subtle aromas and complex flavours of juniper berries, herbs, roots, flowers and spices gathered from near and far.

The result? A classic gin of outstanding depth and taste. Enjoy it over ice, with a good tonic water, and a slice of orange.

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