Kerr’s Gin

every drop made from Scottish Borders barley
every grain grown within 30 miles of the distillery.


Gin. Berries. Ginger. Delicious.”


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Kerr’s Gin Glass Set

Kerr’s Gin Glass Set

Kerr's Gin

Kerr's Gin

Kerr's Navy Strength Gin

Kerr's Navy Strength Gin


Every drop of Kerr’s Gin is made from Scottish Borders barley, with every grain grown within 30 miles of the distillery. Our long-term partnerships with local farmers give us complete control over the creation of our spirit, from barley to bottle. Kerr’s is the only Scottish Gin made with malted barley spirit in a Carterhead Still, and we believe you can taste the difference.


Kerr's Story

William Kerr was born in Hawick in 1779 and became one of the 19th century’s most accomplished botanists. With his passion for plants, Kerr would likely have approved of our Carterhead Still, which gently steams our botanicals in the spirit vapours, rather than boiling them like most other gin stills. This captures more of the subtle aromas and complex flavours.


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