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Welcome to The Borders Distillery

First since 1837

The Borders Distillery

The Borders Distillery® opened in March 2018 – the first Scotch Whisky distillery in the Scottish Borders since 1837. We’re dedicated to capturing the true spirit of the Borders, and bringing whisky-making back to the region.

Our hometown, Hawick, has a famous history of manufacturing, where cashmere is king and where tweed was invented. There is a spirit of industry and enterprise in the town that inspires us in everything we do.

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The build it deserved

The distillery is in a landmark building in the centre of town, making us both familiar and new. Occupying the site of the former Hawick Urban Electrical Company, we undertook a complete and careful renovation of the building, turning it into a fully functioning distillery.

With an attention to detail and acknowledgement of the building’s history, every tiny detail has been covered. From the restoration of the original 1930s crane, to the lead welded windows, we are immensely proud of every bit of the renovation. Visit us, and see it for yourself.

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Industrial heritage and naturally-good water

Bailie John Hardie introduced the first stocking frames to Hawick in 1771. In less than 100 years the town was the very centre of the knitwear and Tweed trades in Scotland. Cashmere and Tweed brought great prosperity – by the 1860’s Hawick was the highest-earning town in the United Kingdom per head of population.

The quality of Hawick’s water was a key element in the growth and success of the knitwear and Tweed industries. Now, we make use of this excellent water to make our spirit and run our distillery.

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