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Our spirits

Explore the range of drinks made by The Borders Distillery


Our Spirits

Every day we distil from locally-grown barley to create ‘New Make Spirit’. Much of this is laid down in oak casks to begin its long, slow journey to becoming Single Malt Scotch Whisky. But we also use some of our New Make to charge our Carterhead Still, allowing us to make Kerr’s Borders Gin and Puffing Billy Steam Vodka.

Beyond our own distilling, our expert spirit-making team also blend and balance two excellent Scotch whiskies.

Take a look at the range of spirits we produce…

Puffing Billy Steam Vodka

Unfiltered malted barley vodka, named after the special still which plays a key role in its production.

First we pot-distil malted barley spirit. Then we redistil it in Puffing Billy, our rare Carterhead Still, to turn it into vodka. Regular filtration would strip out all the flavour and texture from the spirit. Instead, our vodka is steamed through charcoal inside the still itself and never filtered as a liquid, preserving the delicious character of the barley.

It’s the only vodka in the world made this way, and the result is brimful of character with an incredible creamy mouthfeel.

Puffing Billy Steam Vodka is fabulous with tonic or Ginger Beer, and also tastes incredibly smooth sipped chilled and straight.

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See how we make Puffing Billy Steam Vodka…

And take a look at the work which goes into making Kerr’s Gin…

Kerr’s Borders Gin

Every drop made from Scottish Borders barley. Every grain grown within 30 miles of the distillery.

William Kerr was born in Hawick in the Scottish Borders in 1779, and developed a passion for plants and gardening. In 1804 he travelled to Asia where he gained a reputation as a plant hunter. He sent 238 plant specimens back to Kew Gardens from his travels.

As an accomplished botanist, we think Kerr would have quietly approved of our Carterhead Still – one of only a handful in operation. Unlike regular gin stills, the Carterhead gently steams the botanicals rather than boiling them, capturing more of the subtle aromas and complex flavours. Together with the barley base, this creates a gin of distinctive depth and character.

Enjoy Kerr’s Borders Gin poured over ice, with a good tonic water, and a slice of orange

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Lower East Side

Made in Scotland. At home in a Manhattan.

Lower East Side mixes effortlessly, wherever it finds itself.

Single Malt whiskies from across Scotland, brought together and blended by the Borders Distillery.

Matured in American Oak casks, the whisky has vanilla, almond, and honey notes, with just a hint of smoke.

The perfect whisky for mixing, bold but balanced – not so subtle that it gets lost in a mixer, nor an overly-complex spirit which overpowers the drink.

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Clan Fraser Reserve

Clan Fraser Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky is a unique blend of grain and single malt whiskies from the heart of Scotland.

This delightful blend was inspired by our overall vision for our company established in the Scottish Borders – the same area that the Frasers (Fraisiers – Stawberry pickers) came to from Anjou, France over 900 years ago.

Honey and buttery on the nose with hints of cinnamon and vanilla. With notes of raisins and figs, it has a light sweetness, and is deliciously smooth with a rounded finish.

This is a lovely whisky reflecting the Spirit of the Borders and the warmth of its people.

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