17 Oct 2023

WS:02 The Long & Short of it

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Some say there’s nothing new in Scotch Whisky. We say, think again.

Introducing the newest release from our Workshop Series, WS:02 The Long & Short of It.

For Scotch Whisky, the fermentation process is an essential part of determining flavour and aroma, with short fermentation times producing crisp citrus flavours and longer fermentation evoking deep flavours of ripe fruit and toffee.

So, with that in mind – and forever in the spirit of creativity and innovation – our expert distillers have literally ‘played with time’ to produce a whisky with an intriguing blend of the two, long and short.

For this second edition of the Workshop Series, we’ve blended whiskies with very short fermentation times of 55 hours and very long ones of 150 hours. Both whiskies were twice distilled and then matured in first-fill ex-bourbon barrels before being married with a splash of our single grain whisky.

And what a marriage it is…

On the palate, the short fermentation reveals fresh bursts of gooseberry skin, citrus zest, and green apple which plays perfectly with the notes of fig pudding, butterscotch, and sultanas from the long fermentation.

“What’s interesting about The Long & Short of It is that you can clearly pick out the contrast between the two whiskies; the green gooseberry at the front end and the fig and toffee-type notes from the long fermentation at the back end.”

John Fordyce, Managing Director, The Borders Distillery

To say we’re excited about this release is an understatement. We can’t wait for you to try it. What’s more, we’ve developed this whisky to be served whichever way you like.  Long or short. Just mix up the serves and have fun with it. In other words, your whisky, your way!

WS:02 The Long & Short of it, from The Borders Distillery

The Workshop Series

The Workshop Series is intended to showcase the creativity and determination of our distillers. Every year a new chapter will be released, representing a different facet of whisky making and telling the next part of our story. We think of each release as a stepping stone on the journey to producing our very first single malt whisky.

The foundation was set in 2018 with WS:00 New Make Spirit; then was followed by the first in the series, WS:01 Borders Malt & Rye in 2022, which was the first Scotch whisky blend to leave the Scottish Borders since 1837.

Each bottle is made entirely by The Borders Distillery and in partnership with Borders Growers and Distillers, an in-house programme built to connect our distilling team to the Borders farming community. Our barley is sourced from 12 local farms, all located within 35 miles of the distillery here in the Scottish Borders.

Each bottle of WS:02 is individually numbered, with just 8,400 released for sale globally.

Chill filtered. ABV 40%.

Customers can shop directly on the Borders Distillery website from the 26th October. Sign up to our newsletter to be first in the know of TBD news!


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