26 Jun 2023

Puffing Billy’s Key Cocktails

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Our Puffing Billy Steam Vodka is created from malted barley spirit, vaporized through charcoal to leave a creamy rich mouthful of tropical flavour. Steam smoothed, Never Filtered. You think all vodka tastes the same? Think again. Here are some of Puffing Billy’s Key Cocktails:

Billy Needs an Espresso

Serves 2

  • 40ml PBSV
  • 30ml fresh hot espresso
  • 30ml coffee liqueur

Pour ingredients into an ice-filled shaker. Shake hard. Strain into martini glass. Finish with a dusting of cocoa powder.


That fresh apple juice you have in your fridge, I agree very refreshing, but it would probably be more refreshing in our,

Borders Mule

Serves 2

  • 50ml PBSV
  • 25ml cloudy apple juice
  • Juice of half a lime
  • Ginger beer

Pour vodka and apple juice into an ice-filled rocks glass. Top up with ginger beer, squeeze in lime juice. Garnish with wedge of lime.

Shop Puffing Billy Vodka here, and discover the spirit of the Borders.

Please enjoy our spirit responsibly. Visit drinkaware.co.uk for the facts.


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Please enjoy our spirit responsibly. Visit drinkaware.co.uk for the facts


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