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3 Natural Ingredients

Single Malt Scotch Whisky is produced from only 3 natural ingredients: Malted Barley, water, and yeast. At The Borders Distillery we use locally-grown Scottish Borders barley, all harvested from 11 farms lying within 30 miles of Hawick. We’ve developed long term partnerships with these local farmers, guaranteeing us access to the highest quality crops and giving us complete control of our production from barley through to bottle.

We’re proud to be a zero waste distillery with all the organic by-product from distillation going to two local farms where it is used to grow plants (including some delicious tomatoes!). The organic by-product from those two farms goes back in turn to the barley fields – making for a circular economy within Borders farming with the distillery at its centre.

Today's rain


Making whisky involves using a lot of water. Having sustainable supplies of water as both an ingredient and for production were key considerations in choosing a location for the distillery.

By the Riverside

For the water which goes into the spirit, we draw from an underground lake deep beneath the site. The lake’s water takes between 50 and 70 years to filter down from the hills through the rock. Even if it never rained again (unlikely in the Borders!) the lake contains enough pure water to last the distillery for thousands of years.

And right outside our front door, the River Teviot offers a sustainable source of fast-flowing water – perfect for cooling the spirit as it comes from the stills, an important stage of the production process.


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