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William Kerr’s Borders Gin Hamper


Kerr’s Gin is named after Hawick native, botanist, plant hunter and explorer, William Kerr. Kerr travelled throughout the Far-East on behalf of Kew Gardens from Java to Canton, the Philippines to Sri Lanka, in search of the rarest and most exotic plants and flowers. His discoveries included yellow Rosa Banksiae, Heavenly Bamboo, and the Tiger-Lily.

Our gin is produced using a truly unique production process – we are one of the few distilleries to make the base spirit on site using 100% locally grown Scottish Borders barley. This spirit is then redistilled through our  specially commissioned Carter-head still and vapour infused. This method creates a beautifully fragrant, citrusy, floral and delicate spirit with a wonderful creamy texture.

Kerr’s Gin – Made in Scotland from Barley to Bottle.

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