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Puffing Billy Steam Vodka Hamper

Puffing Billy Steam Vodka Hamper


A hamper featuring our Puffing Billy Steam Vodka and 2 glass tins emblazoned with the Puffing Billy logo.

Unfiltered malted barley vodka, named after the special still which plays a key role in its production.

First we pot-distil malted barley spirit. Then we redistil it in Puffing Billy, our rare Carterhead Still, to turn it into vodka.

Regular filtration would strip out all the flavour and texture from the spirit. Instead, our vodka is steamed through charcoal inside the still itself and never filtered as a liquid, preserving the delicious character of the barley.

It’s the only vodka in the world made this way, and the result is brimful of character with an incredible creamy mouthfeel.

Puffing Billy Steam Vodka is fabulous with tonic or Ginger Beer, and also tastes incredibly smooth sipped chilled and straight.

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