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How it works

Filling your Cask

You can select the month and the day on which you wish your cask to be filled. Mark a birthday or a future celebration by nominating your preferred filling date any time up to twelve months following your acceptance of this invitation.

Once filled, your cask will be stored by The Borders Distillery® and managed by us. The first ten years of storage and insurance are included in the purchase price.

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Following your Cask

On the anniversary of your filling date you will receive your exclusive 1837 App (iOS and Android). Only cask owners will receive the access code to the 1837 App and once in you will be able track the evolution of spirit in your cask.

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Crossing the Is

We will arrange bottling for you using our dry goods. You can choose your own labels, boxes, closures and shipping cases to suit your requirements and we will advise at the time of any increments customisation may incur over and above our normal practice.

It is important to note that in the view of HMRC, the cask purchaser is responsible for being aware of all regulations prevailing in their country of residence. You can read them in full here.

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Drink it in

Bottling can be at any strength above 40% alcohol by volume up to cask strength which after eight years we would expect to be between 53% and 60% alcohol by volume.

The number of bottles that you will receive will be vary but a reasonable estimate at eight years would be a yield of 280-300 bottles of 70cl.

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