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Private Whisky Casks - 1837®

Become a Private cask owner

A Special Invitation

The Borders Distillery® is the first whisky distillery in the Scottish Borders since 1837. To celebrate the commissioning of the distillery, the Directors are releasing 1837 private whisky casks for sale by invitation only. So we invite you to join us as we start the revival of Scotch Whisky distillation in the region.

Our private casks are individually numbered, stored under bond by the Distillery and eventually bottled at time of your choosing. Get started by choosing your preferred filling date and cask type from Rum, Bourbon, Rye and Douro Wine. You can then track the maturation and taste profile of your whisky cask using our 1837 App. Access to this App is restricted to cask owners.

How it works

The Utmost Care

When the time is right, the team at the Borders Distillery will bottle your whisky. We will then arrange delivery and include the cask for those who wish it.

We offer a range of cask types to choose from and the evolution of the whisky will be monitored over time. Each year your cask will be tasted and profiled. You can follow the taste profile of the whisky over time in the app, using our proprietary spidergram tool.

Buy a private whisky cask

A priceless opportunity

Owners will receive complimentary vouchers each year which can be used to offer free guided tours of the Distillery to friends and family. In addition, the Directors have commissioned a selection of 1837 merchandise for owners only.

We are pleased to be able to offer an 1837 cask for £1,995.00. For details, terms and conditions please contact us at 1837@thethreestillscompany.com or call us on +44 (0)7825 206079 or +44 (0)1450 374330.

Join us as we start a new chapter in the history of distilling in Scotland.

How it works

In June 2020, the Scotch Whisky Association developed independent advice and information for people considering the purchase of a cask of Scotch Whisky. We recommend anyone considering such a purchase read the SWA’s advice here.