03 Jul 2024

Summer Cocktails

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It’s summer in the Borders! The sun has finally reached us, bringing with it the tantalising promise of long, warm summer days ahead. To celebrate, we’ve developed three new summertime Scotch Whisky cocktails to enjoy – all made using The Borders WS:02 The Long & Short of It Blended Scotch Whisky.

WS:02 The Long & Short of It is designed to be served whichever way you like, long or short.

It was born from experimentation in fermentation. Our distillers quite literally played with time and married together short (55 hours) and long (150 hours) fermentations, creating a unique, vibrant and intriguing Blended Scotch Whisky with notes of fresh gooseberry skin, citrus zest, and green apple.

Here are our three new Borders Distillery summer cocktails:

Long & Sour

WS:02 Long & Sour HighballWe all know that whisky and lemon’s a match made in heaven, and that’s why we’re excited to bring you a new twist on a classic whisky sour. Traditionally whisky sours have been enjoyed since the mid-19th century, but the Long & Sour introduces a new, modern version by topping with soda to make a longer, refreshing alternative.


50ml WS:02 The Long & Short of It

25ml lemon juice

10ml syrup



Lemon twist to garnish


Step 1

Mix together whisky, lemon juice and simple syrup in a tall glass.

Step 2

Add ice and top with soda water. Garnish with a twist of lemon.


That’s My Jam

Think juicy jam-filled doughnuts with this creation. Our Borders WS:02 blended Scotch whisky, mixed with a dollop of raspberry jam, bursts with frothy, fruity sweetness balanced with bold whisky notes – ideal for a deliciously unique and fun cocktail adventure. Prepare to be razzle-dazzled!


50ml WS:02 The Long & Short of It

20ml lemon juice

10ml ruby port

10ml grenadine

Spoonful of raspberry jam

Egg white



Step 1

Place all ingredients (excluding ice) in a cocktail shaker and shake hard. Add ice and shake again.

Step 2

Strain into a chilled coupe glass and enjoy!


Spicy Scotch

Get ready to spice up your summer with our Spicy Scotch cocktail! This vibrant mix of our WS:02 Scotch whisky, chilli and lime offers a refreshing cocktail with a spicy kick, making it the ultimate drink for warm days and adventurous palates. Don’t blame us if this becomes one of your regular go-to cocktails, even after the summer is over.


50ml WS:02 The Long & Short of It

10ml triple sec

Dash of hot sauce

Lime juice


Salt (for rim)

Chilli flakes (for rim)


Step 1

Mix together salt and chilli flakes on a saucer. Rub a lime wedge around the rim of your glass, then dip into the chilli salt to cover the rim.

Step 2

Put the lime juice, WS:02, triple sec and hot sauce in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well.

Strain into the glass and serve.



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